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Video Limelight makes high-impact video ads for ALL types of products.

Do you sell products online? Then you need a video ad! Video ads demonstrate the key benefits and features of your product quickly and professionally. Video Limelight specializes in creating video ads that help you do just that!

Play the video below to see a sample:

Sample Video Ad for Summertime Lemonade

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Video is perfect for e-Commerce sites.

If your product isn’t available in retail stores, then having a video ad is especially important. Since customers can’t physically touch and handle your product on store shelves, an online video will help bridge the gap. At Video Limelight, we’ll create a video ad of your product in use, demonstrated by a professional actor to show just how amazing its benefits and features are. And, video ads work for all types of products!

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Video ads for ALL types of products!

Whatever your niche… we can help!

Video Limelight creates powerful, high-impact videos aimed at reaching your specific target market… whatever type of product you’re selling!

Best of all, Video Limelight makes quality video production affordable!

Video Limelight creates professional quality video ads for far less than you’d expect! Our prices start at just $995 for a one-minute video. And, with plenty of special effects options (such as logo animations, custom diagrams, and compositing), you’ll get a truly customized video that’s perfect for your product… and your goals!

Need video to promote your product on social media?

Want to generate more Likes… more Clicks… and more visits to your website through your Social Media?

You’ve come to the right place! Video Limelight will create an exciting, high-impact video for your Facebook or Instagram page helping to drive more visitors straight to your company website! Plus, we create videos for YouTube, Shopify, Amazon… and more!

Sample Video Ad for Sandstone Perfume. This ad combines stock footage along with original Video Limelight footage to add an upscale feel!

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We create ads for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Shopify, Amazon and more!

Logos-Social Media

Need a longer video to help tell your story? We can help!

Do you need a longer, “info-mercial” type video? Video Limelight has got your covered there, too! We create everything from informative product demonstrations to compelling video ads to corporate branding videos!

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You’ve Come To The Right Place If You Want To…

  • Boost your online traffic and sales
  • Boost your Social Media Likes and Clicks
  • Boost confidence in your products and your company
  • Get creative, professional work and quick turn-around time
  • Get a high quality converting video at an affordable price

Video Ad Packages Available:

SILVER PACKAGE – $995. Includes:

  • Duration of 30 – 60 seconds
  • Script writing
  • Single in-studio location
  • Royalty-free music
  • Basic props
  • One actor
  • 3 basic revisions*

Gold Package – $1,995. Includes:

  • Duration of 60 – 90 seconds
  • Script writing
  • Single in-studio location
  • Royalty-free music
  • Basic props
  • Up to 2 actors
  • 3 basic revisions
  • Plus: one 10-second Social Media Teaser video

Info-mercial Package – $2,495. Includes:

  • Duration of 2 – 3 minutes
  • Script writing
  • Single in-studio location
  • Royalty-free music
  • Basic props
  • Up to 2 actors
  • 3 basic revisions
  • Plus: one 10-second Social Media Teaser video

How It Works:

  • Select a Video Ad package that’s right for you and place your order.
  • Fill out our questionnaire to provide us with specifications about your product and related info.
  • Ship us your product and we’ll get to work! You’ll receive your video download link within 30 business days (from the time we receive your product). It’s that simple!
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Send us your message! We’ll respond within 24 hours Monday to Friday.

Our Production Process, Step-by-Step:

1. We receive your product in the mail
2. Based on the information you’ve provided, we write the script and create a storyboard for your video
3. We create a shooting schedule, arrange for necessary talent (actor/actors), and gather all the necessary props
4. We shoot the video footage to be used in your video. All footage is captured using professional video cameras, lighting and audio gear. We back up your footage for safekeeping!
5. We edit your video based on the storyboard to create a first-cut version of your video
6. Adjustments and color correction is done next to ensure a picture-perfect video ad
7. We deliver your video link to you via email, where you can download and start using your awesome video on your website, Social Media, or anywhere you choose. (Note: we offer 3 minor revisions to your video once you have reviewed the final production)

We offer:

  • Friendly customer service
  • Professional-quality video production
  • Fast turn-around times

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much will my video cost?

Video Limelight offers three packages, starting at $995. Our packages cover the needs of most small business owners. If you require something other than what you see in the packages, we can offer a custom quote.

How does Video Limelight keep costs so low?

At Video Limelight, we shoot everything in-studio, under one roof. We sub-contract only voice over work, all of which is coordinated with professional voice actors via the Internet. If needed, we incorporate a clip (or, sometimes, even two or more) of stock footage to add an upscale touch to your video, as appropriate. This means you get a highly-polished, professional video. Best of all, Video Limelight does it for a fraction of what larger studios charge.

How long does the production process take?

Depending on the specifics of the video you need, the production can take anywhere between 15 – 30 business days to complete. Once completed, you will be sent a link where you can download your video and start using it to demonstrate and promote the benefits of your product.

Who writes the script?

We will take care of writing the script based on the information you provide on the Questionnaire. We’ll also take care of all other aspects of shooting and creating your video, making the whole process as easy as possible for you!

Does Video Limelight take care of hiring the actors?

Yes! Based on the specific product and your specifications, we will take care to hire just the right professional to demonstrate and promote your product. Rest assured, you will get a great video for a great price!

Can I have more than one actor in my video?

Yes! An extra actor can be hired to give you just the video you need. The additional cost to hire a second actor is $250.

Can I make revisions to the video?

Yes! We want you to be satisfied and work to ensure that you are happy with your final product. To provide a quality product affordably, Video Limelight offers 3 minor revisions within 14 days of delivery. (Additional revisions will be at additional cost). Revisions will extend the final delivery date of your finished video. The following types of revisions can be made:

  • Changes to background music and sound effects
  • Changes to titles and/or captions
  • Color correction changes
  • Changes to sequencing of the footage (order of the shots)

How long will my completed video be?

Videos run between 30 and 180 seconds. Social media teaser videos that run for approximately 10 seconds are included with some packages.

Does Video Limelight offer a guarantee?

Our guarantee provides for a 50% refund in the unlikely event that you decide your video ad is not suitable and choose not to use it. Due to the significant time and labor required to produce your video ad, we cannot offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Who owns the completed video?

You do! You are free to use your completed video in its entirety for any and all of your marketing purposes. Note: In cases where stock video footage has been incorporated into your completed video, you cannot use the stock footage by itself. You can, however, feel free to use it within the context of the completed video. In other words, you can use your completed video wherever and whenever you choose.

What happens to the products I send to Video Limelight?

We can return your products to you by mail, however, you are responsible for the cost of the postage. Alternatively, we will donate the items to a charity of our choice.

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